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      Free 1st Class USPS Shipping Included! These high-flying high-quality kites from "Go Fly a Kite" swim across the sky with flapping fins and grace. Complete with 30-lb-test kite line on a handle. 


      Free 1st Class USPS Shipping Included! This high-quality Dragon kite dances across the sky. It has a dolphin applique on it's 16' x 15" face, and 6 flowing, colorful 6' tails. 

      Free USPS Priority Shipping Included! Do It Yourself Kite Coloring Kit by Wild Republic. Color it & Fly. Package Contents Include (1) Kite ... Please click on title for complete details!


      Free 1st Class USPS Shipping Included! Spanning a large 39"h x 33"w, this super-large classic diamond kite is a cinch to fly, and made from ulra-durable ripstop nylon, with a flexible fiberglass frame. 


      Free 1st Class USPS Shipping Included! The classic diamond kite evokes out fondest childhood memories, and this one was made to last. Made from ripstop-nylon, on a flexible fiberglass frame. 

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